Brief answers to some common questions are below.

Q. What is the dashboard about?

This is an interactive dashboard that monitors just over 1,000 accounts on Twitter that regularly use hateful content against protected groups. The dashboard provides in near real-time a quantitative and qualitative understanding of the online activities of this network of accounts.

Q. What is the objective of the dashboard?

The dashboard makes it possible for a range of stakeholders – tech companies, the media, researchers, policymakers, elected officials, and the general public – to discuss hateful content and conduct with a shared set of facts. Are extremist networks growing? Is their messaging working? When is hateful content and conduct at its most pernicious and threatening?

Q. What does the dashboard measure?

The dashboard gathers data from just over 1,000 accounts and displays the top and trending hashtags, terms, urls, tweets, and domains. By displaying this data, the dashboard sheds light on the content, themes, and narratives being promoted by extremists who regularly use hateful content directed against protected groups.

Q. Does the dashboard have a political aim?

No. The project is nonpartisan and based on in-depth, independent research using scholarship and data.

Q. What timeframe does the dashboard look at?

The dashboard monitors in near real time the activity of over 1,000 accounts on Twitter.

Q. How were the accounts identified?

Please see the methodology section.

Q. Why don’t you publicly list the accounts the dashboard monitors?

Our aim is to better understand online hate on Twitter through a scholarly examination of the content, themes, and activities of a particular network of accounts. If we were to publicly list the accounts, then those accounts may mask or alter their behavior and/or open up different accounts.

Q. Who designed the dashboard?

The dashboard was designed by Robert McKenzie and Dipayan Ghosh in close collaboration with, and guidance and support from, the Anti-Defamation League’s Center for Technology and Society.

Q. Who are the primary team members for the project?

Robert McKenzie is the principal investigator and Dipayan Ghosh is the chief technologist. They work in close collaboration with the Anti-Defamation League’s Center for Technology and Society on the project.

Q. How is the dashboard funded?

The project was funded by New America and the Anti-Defamation League.

Q. Can I support the dashboard?

Yes. The dashboard needs financial support so we can dedicate a analyst to the project. We are extremely grateful for any and all donations. New America and ADL are both 501( c )(3) non-profit organizations and all donations are tax deductible. For additional information on how to support the project, please contact us here for New America or here for ADL.

Q. How can I provide feedback or ask additional questions?

We welcome feedback and questions. Please contact us over email.